About Happy Lake

There are two double swims, each on the short side of this rectangular lake. The venue can only be hired by up to 3 people and facilities are basic. There is an eco-toilet and shower for your use 5 minutes from the lake. There is no running water or power points for recharging batteries but the owner is happy to help you with these. This is raw carp fishing at a unique venue for hauntingly, big and beautiful fish that would be the hi-lights of any album.

Careful consideration to bait placement is needed to sort out the wily Happy Lake carp.

The depths vary between 4 and 7 meters and the bottom consists of sand, clay and gravel. There is some weed but it’s not really a problem, and is well managed by some very large grass carp.

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An overview of the lake

Happy Lake is a unique destination due to the beautiful fish that swim within its waters. Each fish has been hand selected for its beauty and these aren’t small fish either. It is not a venue where you will catch forty fish a week, but every fish is stunning. The reason for the excellent growth is the gin clear water which ensures that the sun can reach the lake bed providing an abundance of natural food.

The lake is located near the village of Saulgé and the owner lives five minutes away. He visits the lake each day and is on hand to help you. The site is approximately 10 acres with the lake itself 7 acres and rectangular in shape. The swims are well distributed with an equal set of underwater features.


Lake Rules

  1. All carp and grass carp should be returned as quickly and undamaged.
  2. Max 3 rods
  3. No zig rigs
  4. The use of a bait boat and inflatable boat is permitted. A boat is supplied on the lake but life jackets MUST be worn at all times while in the boat
  5. Main line must have a minimum thickness of 0.35mm (approx 15lb), the use of braided main line is not allowed, no leaders of any description. Tubing only.
  6. Max lead size 4 oz.
  7. Only microbarb hooks are allowed. No longshank curved hooks and no swivels attached to hooks (no Ronnie or 360 rigs)
  8. Grass carp MUST BE IMMEDIATELY put back in the water – do not weigh or photograph them.
  9. The use of a recovery sling is allowed for up to 30 minutes no longer.
  10. To take pictures, you must kneel down – no standing up with the fish. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE TO BE TAKEN IN THE WATER SO BRING YOUR WADERS.
  11. All fish must be returned using a weigh / recovery sling – not your landing net.
  12. All your rubbish must be thrown into the garbage bag, including all cigarette butts, beer bottles, line and food items. Your garbage bags must be deposited in the container when you leave the lake.
  13. You are required to leave your spot at 10.00am on the final day and leave it clean and tidy. Any bait that is left over that you do not bring home should also be deposited in the container – do not dump it in the lake!!
  14. The use of unhooking mat is compulsory and they should be suitable for carp of 70lb+.
  15. Nets must be a minimum of 42in wide.
  16. You must not leave your swim if your lines are still in the water.
  17. The bailiffs may conduct rig checks. If you are in violation of the rules, you may be asked to leave the complex.
  18. You are not allowed to drive around the lake after sunset and before sunrise.